By using gravity, when we stack up cotton crops, the water irrigates several plants without using energy.

The water dripping out of the lowest pots can be recuperated to water the upper crops once more or as drinking water. 

The pots in which vertical cotton is cultivated and grown are 100% natural and have an integrated irrigation system. Made from casein -expired milk protein- and terracotta, they offer the same resistance as concrete while maximizing air and water circulation. The shape of our exclusive vertical cotton pots and their natural snow mirror color allows a perfect reverberation of the sunlight towards the lower plants.

aN INVINCIBLE virtuous chain

Vertical cotton is the symbol of a new world that celebrates nature and life.

Cotton traceability is essential if we want industrials to use only green and fair cotton they can be proud of. 

The farmers converting their soils to vertical cotton win from it on all levels.

Their land produces more cotton while using only half of its surface for cotton farming.

The free land space is transformed into a forest that rewards the farmer in carbon credit. Learn more >

Their soil is rich, fertile and clean.

The cotton blockchain pays the farmer each time a customer scans the label on a product to get data about the cotton they have purchased or are about to purchase.

Anticipating the recycling of vertical cotton as well as organic cotton is our next step in the coming months.

We are not forgetting ordinary cotton, it will not be reused to be worn on the skin but transformed into insulation for housing or zero waste packaging.


It will offer a better climate and quality of life in homes as well as a reduction in energy consumption.