Non-organic cotton is the grows from genetically modified seeds produced by a laboratory that also produces the expensive and polluting pesticides needed for its growth.

Production costs are constantly rising and farmers’ debts are exponential because the seeds are more expensive each year.

Farmers can not plant the seeds from the harvest because they are hybrid varieties. They have to buy new seeds every year.

Growing non-organic cotton requires large amounts of water, in areas where there are increasing periods of drought.

The degradation of soil quality and pollution have thus led to a drop in productivity and loss of income for producing families, as well as an increase in respiratory diseases among farmers.

As they cannot afford to pay, the seed seller gives them credit until harvest time. Farmers must then sell their produce to the seller, usually below the market price.

In some countries or states, there is a monopoly on cotton seeds and only GM cotton can be marketed. The Vertical Cotton solves this problem, it is organic and given to farmers for free.