The Vertical Cotton technology integrates the Blockchain solution.

Being a Vertical Cotton® farmer allows you to access the virtuous circular economy and simply take advantage of the full potential of the internet.

Generosity is in human nature. Every child on Earth wants to protect what surrounds them : people, animals and plants.

A child doesn’t ask for counterpart to help. They do it joyfully.

The Cotton Blockchain offers free cotton traceability information to the end consumer. 

With its cotton QR code, the Cotton Blockchain encourages manufacturers to choose an ecological and ethical cotton they can be proud of.

Farmers receive new sources of income.

Each time consumers scan a cotton qrcode to trace their cotton, an ad appears.

Distribution of advertising revenues : 50 % for the farmer, 15 % for the brand using cotton blockchain and 35 % for vertical cotton blockchain.

The space freed up by the condensed cultivation of cotton is converted into forests that pay the farmers in carbon credit via the cotton blockchain.



  • Provides cotton farmers in free organic cotton seeds.
  • Finances the structure on which it grows.
  • Offers absolute transparency to producers and consumers via the Cotton Blockchain. 
  • Commits to protect nature, farmers and their families.
  • Provides technical and technological support

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Money is a flow of energy. This means that financial success can be unlimited while enriching the poor.

Money is the link between a buyer and a seller. It is neutral yet fascinating. People project on it everything they want it to represent : security, happiness, power, freedom…

These projections contain thoughts, beliefs or emotions, all of which carry energy. Part of the energy carried by money comes from human projections.

When we step back, we can see that money is only money.

It is meant to flow. If it does not circulate, it loses its energy.




Their idea is to make money to invest in its outreach. Vertical Cotton exists only thanks to altruistic companies who finance this technology to make it completely free of charge for cotton farmers, while creating the cotton that their customers want.

Growers who discover Vertical Cotton are enthusiastic about it.

Over the years, they have realized that their way of production is not sustainable, but they lack the resources to bring about change.

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Non-organic cotton is the grows from genetically modified seeds produced by a laboratory that also produces the expensive and polluting pesticides needed for its growth.

Production costs are constantly rising and farmers’ debts are exponential because the seeds are more expensive each year.

Farmers can not plant the seeds from the harvest because they are hybrid varieties. They have to buy new seeds every year.

Growing non-organic cotton requires large amounts of water, in areas where there are increasing periods of drought.

The degradation of soil quality and pollution have thus led to a drop in productivity and loss of income for producing families, as well as an increase in respiratory diseases among farmers.

As they cannot afford to pay, the seed seller gives them credit until harvest time. Farmers must then sell their produce to the seller, usually below the market price.

In some countries or states, there is a monopoly on cotton seeds and only GM cotton can be marketed. The Vertical Cotton solves this problem, it is organic and given to farmers for free.

The altruistic companies that finance the organic cotton that protects nature and humanity are given priority access to the purchase of stocks of this virtuous cotton, without being able to negotiate rates.

According to our projections, in 2027, vertical cotton will have sprouted everywhere on Earth. Everyone will have access to this fantastic organic cotton.

The companies that will have financed it, will be proud to say that they were the founding members of a new system. They will have participated in the fair and ethical rewriting of cotton’s History*.

*  History provides us with knowledge to help us make decisions and create new values. History does not have the power to govern us. It is up to us, day after day, to take a leap in the present.